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Engagement Model

Our business model, which combines technology with distributed teams, offers an efficient structure that businesses of any size can use to improve productivity. We have several engagement models to support your business operation requirements and are also happy to create a custom offering for you. 

Per-Month Basis (Retainership)

Suitable if your business has a predictable and well-defined volume of work to complete each month. This model determines a monthly fee based on the scope of work and the estimated number of hours. Works quite well for long-term engagements


Per-Hour Basis

Works best for individuals and businesses where there is little to medium volume of work, or where the volume varies month on month. We offer you complete control and flexibility over the task you have delegated to us and charge only for the hours we work on it. 


Project Basis (One-time)

Have a one-time or seasonal need? We are happy to jump right in and complete your project at hand. We are also flexible to extend per your needs and convert the engagement to long term retainership

Irrespective of the model you choose

We are committed to a high-quality, accurate, and timely delivery. We are also available to assist you during your project via email and phone

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