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We have always wondered why desktop and online software are available for Free Trials, but most professional and consultancy services are charged from Day 1. We had like to change that!

We are happy to engage and get you Set up on Quickbooks Online for Free. In addition, provide you with 15 hours of complimentary bookkeeping services. If you are getting started, that would probably be enough to cover a month or even more of bookkeeping. Yes, that's true. And if you are already setup, we'll provide deep insight into how you can make your QuickBooks better.

What's the catch? Actually, none! We always have spare capacity built in our team of accountants as a buffer to take care of unplanned time-offs and month/quarter ends. Often it stays unused. If that capacity can enable you to get started with your books and enable our shared mission to contribute to your success, it's a good thing and then maybe you'll say thank you! After that? Once you are set up, you can freely choose to continue to manage books with us or even handle them on your own. We promise not to pursue you, our work just might!!

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To get set up and benefit from the Free trial, you can either email / call us directly or submit the form below and we'll get back to you

+1 (650) 534-2135

Thanks, we'll connect soon

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