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Accounting & Bookkeeping

 These services are critical to every business because they are a reflection of the financial health of the company and help provide both growth and optimization opportunities. Accounting functions include storing, classifying, recording, and reporting monetary transactions for businesses of all sizes. Bookkeeping records every granular financial transaction of the company and helps classify them into correct buckets. When done correctly, these can help you manage your company’s finances effectively and efficiently and have a solid view of your business. Hence, these services are at the heart of our offering and covered end to end

Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an integral part of accounting & bookkeeping that needs extreme diligence on the part of the preparer. Ensuring employee morale while adhering to tax requirements involves timely and correct payroll processing.  We collaborate with clients to collect employee information changes and update payroll software while also simplifying and accelerating contingent workforce management. This gives our clients an advantage in terms of saving significant bandwidth, resources, and time spent on payroll management. 

Account Reconciliation & Reporting

In the current day, businesses can have tens of accounts with complex flows of thousands of transactions between them. Having a solid understanding of this flow and being able to efficiently reconcile the accounts is critical both from a reporting and regulatory standpoint. Our team has repeatable processes and templates that make this reconciliation process very intuitive. We also have you covered on all financial and regulatory reports that you made need on a regular basis.

Individual Consultation

We take pride in engaging with our clients closely and first understanding their business and needs. Based on specific requirements, we offer tailored solutions substantiated by comprehensive feasibility studies that analyze your operations instead of off-the-shelf service packages. Our services adapt to your procedures and business rather than imposing our own. We are happy to guide you on the choice of accounting software but can use the one of your choice, be it Quick Books Online or Desktop, Xero, Sage or Tally. With us, you are not just outsourcing your accounts and business but rather partnering to see the right insights to grow it

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