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Welcome to the Finovalence Blog

Oh well, another blog on Finance! Yes, of course - money (finance) is important, but managing it is even more important. We all care about our personal finances, many of us manage on their own or through robo advisors (read fintech websites), some of us even have human advisors to design our investments and accountants to manage and pay our taxes. The good thing is we learn about these financial matters, investment options and taxation through our lives because our family and friends talk about it, institutes sell financial products and the end rule is that all of us have to pay our bills and individual taxes.

But then, some of us go a step beyond and form businesses, launch startups and start our own ventures. As it should be, we like to stay focussed on our idea, on how to grow our business, find new customers and investors, identify high quality but economical vendors, and with a passion we almost always do a great job. Time flies by and as they say, you might skip Spring or Autumn, but the Tax Season will always come. Very soon, you need to show your books to an investor, answer your stakeholders (if not shareholders), report your profit and loss, get your accounts audited, file your business tax. But they never taught you that, did they? And your neighbour, cousin or best friend are getting their fortnightly payrolls, not having to bother about this. You are excited about your business, of the happy customers and living your dream, but not so about managing these finance (money) things

From where we started, money (finance) is important, but managing it is even more important. That's where this just another blog will come in handy. We'll talk about all finance things, but from your business standpoint. The things they didn't teach in school or college, (unless you took up commerce) and what your friends and family might not talk about when they discuss about the top stocks and rebates or gripe how the taxes are always going higher! I have friends who run very successful businesses and say it is easier to earn revenue than report it because of the complexities involved!

And you might ask, why we talk about this? Well because we took up commerce and didn't just do bachelors in it, but also got a Masters degree in it. That's true, but that's not the point. The thing is we went through the same journey, did great at our jobs as chartered accountants in Big 4s and Banks and got our fortnightly and monthly payrolls. The revelation happened when we started our ventures and met other professionals who had done so, and had to manage our own accounts end to end. Small and medium businesses like yours (and ours) have grown by the millions, but many struggle in managing and reconciling their accounts, reporting numbers and most importantly optimising our business. At Finovalence, as qualified Financial Experts, we promise to make it easier for you, like we have done for many through blogs and our services. Happy Reading!


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